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Created for the limitless and the bold

From Aotearoa and across the world

Founded in Nelson, New Zealand, but part of a global community of riders. The outdoor lifestyle is in our blood. Mountain biking is what we do, it’s what we live and breathe. So naturally, we wanted to create apparel that honours the love of the sport and the MTB community. Clothes that let you ride in comfort and style.


Design, quality and function – beautifully merged

Start your journey the right way and conquer the trail. Our shorts and jerseys are made with function and comfort in mind, when it comes to everything from fabric selection to design. What it means for you? That you can perform better, look better and get the most out of every ride.


It’s all about the riders

More than an apparel brand, we’re part of a community sharing the love of mountain biking. Our mission is to unite riders across the world. We come from different places, but we all have a few things in common – we crave the kicks, we value freedom, and we push the boundaries. Come and join the ride.


Mental health matters

You’re deep in the forest. It’s only you, your bike and the track. You get into a rhythm and you feel that rush of endorphins through your body. Or maybe you’re riding with your mates, having a good time. Either way, getting on that bike will always make you feel better.

So, we want to inspire you to get out there. Because it’s our firm belief that a stronger connection to nature means stronger mental health. And by encouraging the discussion among riders, our vision is to raise awareness of men’s mental health.  


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